Saturday, 9 January 2010

New Year Hobby Resolutions

1. Buy less, paint more

I have no less(but probably quite a few more)than 250 unpainted models at the moment, mainly for fantasy, but also a lot of 40k. I seriously need to get some stuff painted.

Plus money’s going to be tighter for me this year, so I’m planning a single big purchase (a realm of battle game board), then only bits and pieces as time goes along. If I limit myself to £20-30 maximum hobby spending on average a month, it should be fine.

2.Complete an army

Tying in with the idea of spending less and painting more, I actually want to get at least one of my armies fully painted and I’m giving myself a deadline of 31st December 2010. This army is most likely going to be my Blood Pact, who are mainly being built out of stuff from my bitz box and models I already own (but not necessarily opened)

3. Keep track of my painting

Using that points system that I’ve seen various bloggers use to keep track of my painting. If someone could direct me to someone who uses it who I can copy it off, I’d be most grateful


  1. I've got a post on my blog right now with the point system your looking for. I got it from "Lone Pilgrim", who I believe was the first.

    Good luck on the new year and the new goals!