Monday, 28 May 2018

Tank Holiday Monday

I said the other day that I planned to start washing and weathering my terrain over the bank holiday weekend. Well that hasn't quite worked out to plan. Between lacking the paints I need and being called into work tonight, it looks like I'm going to have to postpone my terrain session for a few days. It did give me an opportunity to use a terrible pun for a post title though, so it's not all bad news.

I decided to work on a couple of vehicles for my various forces instead. I normally hate painting vehicles, but I figured that seeing as I couldn't get on with what I want to do, I might as well try and churn out some stuff which I'd normally keep putting off.

First up, I got started on my Whirlwind Scorpius:

Considering the sheer amount of nooks and crannies this thing has, I think I've done pretty well just to get it to this stage in a single session. It's a deceptively detailed model. I need to crack on with it though, as I need it for when my local 30k campaign resumes in a month or two. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long to get finished though. Hopefully.

The other vehicle I decided to work on is a little random:

I bought the Scions 'Start Collecting' box a while back in order to use the infantry as conversion fodder, but I never really had any plans for the Taurox which you get with it. I just built it and forgot about it.

I found it again last week when I was rooting about for a bits to turn into terrain, so I decided to give it a quick silver spray when I did everything else. A few details blocked in and a couple of washes later and it's actually looking pretty good.

I'm not 100% sure where I'm going to use it yet, but I'm thinking it might make a sweet ride for Inquisitor Nearostaffen and his warband.

Not a bad bout of productivity for a bank holiday weekend really, especially considering that I couldn't work on what I wanted to. Hopefully I''ll be able to get back to my terrain later this week when I have some time off. I also need to get a Volkite Heavy Support Squad done for my hobby challenge and I probably should return to Fulgrim at some point too, as he's somewhat fallen by the wayside. I've got plenty to keep me busy. The looming spectre of Pokemon Regionals next month is going to eat into my hobby time quite a bit too, but hopefully I'll still be able to get plenty done.

I'll post more soon.


  1. I love painting tanks and larger models. I hate painting infantry. Too small, too detailed and just fiddly.

  2. I far prefer painting infantry. I struggle to get decent and consistent looking results on larger stuff, so it gets frustrating.