Sunday, 18 January 2015

30k Thousand Sons Veterans WIP

What's that? Two posts from me in the space of a week, showing progress on the same project? Wonders will never cease!

Joking aside, I'm getting really excited about my Thousand Sons project. Now the ball is rolling on it, things are coming together really quickly. Before I get distracted by shiny toys though, I've turned my attention to the Tactical and Veteran Squads which will form the backbone of my force. So far I've got these three nearly done:

These are the start of my first Veteran Squad. I view this force as a group who fled Prospero in the wake of the Space Wolves assault, so a hardened band of veterans seem to be the perfect core for my force. I'm still working out the marking system, but I'm liking the idea of one white pad and one red pad indicating veteran status, whilst the Egyptian-style crests mark out squad leaders. I have a feeling that the FW book will overwrite this when they finally get round to covering the XVth Legion, but that could still be a few years off yet, so I won't worry too much.

I've got seven more of these to finish, plus fifteen Tactical marines and some characters. Then I can turn my attention to the Disc Skimmer conversion I have planned.


  1. I can't quite see what you've done even on the enlarged picture. have you done them as a solid red all over, even the gap between lower leg guard and knee for example, and it is natural shadow there? or is it solid colour and a thin line of wash/darker colour in the gap?

  2. That'll be because I was using my phone camera, so it's not the best of pics. I'll get my decentcamera out and set that up next time :)

    The red was done via the following method:

    1. Blood Red basecoat
    2. Carroburg Crimson wash, heavy in dips and corners, but at least lightly over the whole model
    3. then I reapplied Blood Red as a highlight in the centre of large flat areas (such as armour plates) to add depth

    The shadows you see are created by the wash