Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Projects between projects

Carrying on from my last post, I'm really starting to get back into the swing of things. I'm still plugging away at my Emperor's Children, but I've got some other bits to show you.

I actually did these over the course of the past few weeks but I forgot to talk about them last time. 

First up, I unearthed my old Dark Elves when I was cleaning the other week. 

I was planning to have a go at getting these back into some kind of usable condition this year anyway, but I hadn't made any specific plans yet. Finding them really sparked the urge to work on them though, so I'm going to be weaving them in between other projects I'm working on.

So far I've managed to spruce up ten Corsairs:

These old metal models are a dream to work with compared to the newer plastic ones. Plus they have so much character to them. Unfortunately they're really expensive to source these days, but I got a fantastic deal on a bunch of them a few years ago. It's almost shameful that it's taken so long for me to paint them up! 

These first ten turned out great I reckon. If I can keep this kind of quality across the army, I'll be exceedingly happy. There's really no rush to get them done though, so I can really take my time with them.

I've got another ten half-finished on top of these, plus another twenty waiting on my to do pile, but I got a little distracted by my Emperor's Children. I'll probably return and finish them up after I do a couple of squads of those. There really is no structure to what I'm working on atm, I'm just drifting wherever my mood takes me, hobby wise. 

Another thing I forgot to mention before is that I built a bunch of terrain. 

I did this mostly to give myself something simple to do whilst I was trying to get my hobby motivation back. I had loads of it laying around from my Conquest subscription, so it felt good to finally be doing something with it.

After a spray of black followed by silver, it's going to be super simple to finish up, so I'm going to be working on that between other projects too. 

I'm finding that having a constant level of low key hobby to do in some form is helping me to stay sane during the lockdown. I think if I had nothing like this to keep me busy, I'd be finding things really difficult right now. Luckily GW reopened their website last week, so I'm no longer in danger of running out of paint! 

Stay safe guys, I'll catch you next time. 

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