Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Thing are going to get loud!

After my pretty massive progress post last time, I decided to swap quantity for volume:

It's a terrible pun, but I'm not even sorry!

I picked this guy for my Emperor's Children up just before Christmas. I've tried to include stylisitic elements from the 80's models into my Emperor's Children, so this was the perfect fit.

It's a shame he doesn't come with a unique datasheet, as a model this nice really shouldn't be relegated to being a simple squad leader. As such, he's going to be use in my army as either a Sorceror or Dark Apostle as needed, inspiring the troops with his sick solo skills!

I'm really happy with how he turned out, as I was a little nervous I couldn't do the sculpt justice. Now I just need to settle down and wait for the plastic Noise Marine kit to drop.

Next up I'll be cracking on with the Necromunda stuff which I mentioned last post:

As you can see, there's not really much to do on them. It's mostly just working on their bases, so hopefully they'll be finished up pretty quickly.

With so many projects being finished up atm, I'm really on a hobby roll. Hopefully I can keep this going.


  1. I agree, the noise marine should have come with a datasheet, same as the Imperial (???) Marine. (The special edition one with the funky gun)

  2. When I modified an old CSM to have an electric guitar years ago I made him the guy with a sonic blaster as it made more sense.

  3. I was little surprised at the lack of a unique datasheet, if nothing else to cover the unique Combi-Sonic he carries. Tbh though, without sounding too pessimistic, I'm used to Choas not getting the same love that Loyalists get.

    Just got to hope it's covered when the EC's finally get some attention and a plastic Noise Marine kit. I've got my fingers crossed for this year!