Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Chugging along nicely

I've been a busy guy over this last week. Prep for Pokemon VGC International is taking up the vast majority of my free time. I did manage to get another set of five Noise Marines finished though.

(Still no new daylight bulb, so apologies for the naff picture
 quality. This will be fixed when I get paid later this week.)

I started these guys way back when Dark Imperium was first released, so it's nice to finally get them done. As you can no doubt tell, they're converted from the Primaris Marines you get in the box. Fluff-wise they're 'converts' who have been captured and tortured by the Emperor's Children and made to see the glory of Chaos.

So that's another five painting points for me. It's all coming together nicely. Next up is probably this beast, which I started on a whim yesterday.

I think I have a problem: I can't stop building Sonic Dreadnoughts! This will be the third one I've built since July.

I still need to finish building him obviously, but he'll probably be next on the painting table. I need to decide whether to give him a Power Fist, Scourge or go with a Missile Launcher. I could magnestise it, but the next part of the conversion I'm planning will make that a pain to do. This means I'm actually going to have to make a decision, which could be problematic.

I'll post more when I decide.

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