Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Cyclops'? Cyclopii?

What do you call a group of Cyclops? I think it's Cyclopes. I really should know this, having studied writing at uni. Either way, I've been painting up a lot of them for my Kolstek/ Elysian forces.

It's not often I can paint two squadrons of vehicles in about an hour! Being about a tenth of the size of most vehicles obviously helps. These really were a joy to paint. In case you can't tell, I've use the Land Raiders from the old Epic range with the sponsons cut away. At £14 per model from Forge World, the official models were a little out of my price range, especially as I'm planning to field ten of them in my final force. I've got another five lined up ready to go, as soon as I find enough 40mm bases for them.

Normally I'd claim 10 painting points for each vehicle I finish, but considering their size I really can't bring myself to do that. I think 2 for each one is a fair reward for them. It's still nice to have them done though.

More soon!

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