Friday, 8 April 2016

Two posts in two days

Wonders will never cease...

Granted it's not the same unit as yesterday, but at least it's progress.

Today I want to show you the other allies for my Ordo Xenos which I've been working on alongside my Sundered Veil Harlequins - Deathwatch Kill Teams!

I'm going  to be fielding two to four squads of these guys, depending on whether I use the WD Deathwatch rules or represent them using the First Company Strike formation from the SM book. It's a shame the WD rules only allow a single, non-customisable squad to be used, but at least it's something I can pull out for smaller games, then I can use the 1st Company detachment if I want more in larger games.

The guy on the left is my WIP Frag Cannon guy, for when I use them as Squad Donatus. I've got a ton of Deathwatch pads on the way, so I'll be able to really crack on with the squad as soon as they arrive.

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