Monday, 17 August 2015

Shattered Legions Warleader WIP

With me still being in the process of moving, I've been somewhat limited in what projects I can work on at the moment. The vast majority of them are boxed up ready for transit. I did however find a box of abandoned projects in a cupbaord and I couldn't resist having a poke around to see what I could do with them.

I ended up making this:

He's going to be some kind of iron hands character for my planned Shattered Legions project. He's probably going to either be a Preator or a Forge Lord and been given the provisional name of Arik Haxor.

It looks a mess atm, due to the mishmash of parts used from various states of painting, but I reckon he'll look great once properly painted. I still need to bulk out his legs a little though I think, as he seems a little top heavy. 

My Shattered Legions is going to be quite slow-burn I think, as money's going to be tight for me for a while. Forge World have also mentioned at their Open Day that there's a distinct possibility that proper rules for the Shattered Legions are likely to be coming soon, so I don't want to build anything I can't use.

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