Friday, 6 September 2013

Stark troops

 Something rare and exciting happened:  I actually got some models fully painted!

Specifically, I finished the first three Stark troops for the Song of Ice and Fire game I'm working on. They don't quite match up to the look of the Stark troops in the TV series, but I was basing their colour scheme more on what I imagined when I first read the books.

I think they look pretty good (even if I say so myself), although I do think I need to re-base the guy in the second photo, as the snow base didn't turn out as well as I thought and do a small retouch, as I only realised after finishing him that there's a mold line on his spear arm, but those are really minor things that are easily fixed.

I'm still amazed Ive actually got something finished. I think it's down to the fresh enthusiasm I'm feeling now I'm working on something other than GW stuff (I know it's technically GW, as I'm using their models as a base, but it's still a switch in universes). GW's been feeling a bit stale for me recently and it's shown in my painting. Let's hope the break will allow me to approach my other projects with a new sense of gusto!

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