Thursday, 27 September 2012

Wolves progress

It's been a while since I showed some painted stuff, so I thought I'd show you some of the progress on my Space Wolves.

First up, Hrogar is nearly finished, bar a few highlights and battle damage.

I quite like how he's turned out, considering he's the first of my Space Wolves I've actually completed. As I said before, each model in my army is going to have his own name and backstory, so here's what come up with this for him:

Solid and dependable, Hrogar has served as a Shield-Brother in the White Wolves for over half a century, proving himself to be one of the most reliable members the Company of Tra, standing alongside Berek Oakheart and Myord Ulfricson as exemplars of his profession.

He earned his wolf tail during the war on Tinus, forming part of the force that broke through the chaos lines in order to rescue their fallen wolf lords remains and piloting the Thunderhawk through the storm-wracked atmosphere with a hunters grace to make their escape, even while under attack from flocks of skeletal gargoyles. Given the events that followed, it is perhaps little surprise that Hrogar takes no pride in the accolade, yet he wears it still out of remembrance of his fallen lord and will do so until the day he is avenged

I know it's fairly simple, but I wanted to start with basic marines and keep the more interesting ones for later - they can't all be glorious heroes of legend, after all. Don't worry if there's any references in there you don't get quite yet, all will be revealed when I unveil the background for my Great Company as a whole.

Moving on, next up are a couple of Wulfen that i've converted up.

 The first is meant to represent more of a berserker type character rather that a true Wulfen, whilst the other uses a VC Ghoul King arm to show the curse on one arm, whilst carrying a bolt pistol in the other to show that he can still use ranged weapons- he is part of a Grey Hunter Pack, after all.


And finally (for today, at least) we have the Wolf Priest that I converted up back when sixth edition first came out. They hadn't defined what kind of power weapon his Crozius was at the time, so I gave him both an axe and a maul, so I could choose at the start of the game which I wanted him to have. Now that it's been clarified to be a maul though, it's just there to look cool.

It's a very simple conversion, utilizing the space marine captains cloak, parts from the space wolves sprue and chaos weapons to give him a suitably brutal look. You'll also notice that he has a Narthecium backpack, taken from an old metal Apothecary. I included it as a nod to the role that Wolf Priests play within the chapter, as both Chaplains and Apothecaries rolled into one. They used to have rules to reflect this, but Phil Kelly obviously decided that that giving out Feel No Pain like other Apothecaries was a little over the top for them, so I've had to settle for just a cool looking conversion instead.

I'll bring you more soon, I've been very busy over the last few days, so expect lots of updates across most of my armies very soon, probably this weekend

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