Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Back with actual painted models

So havn't posted anything for a while, but don't worry I've been busy. Finally into my new flat and fully unpacked, including my hobby area and internet connection, so I can start updating The Wandering Mind regularly again

I've been immensely busy painting up things from about a dozen different projects at once, so as I get a chance to photograph them, I'll post them up.

First thing I've got to show you is my WIP Deathwing Dreadnought.

I still need to finish the green and the metal but i'm quite proud of how the bone-colour has turned out.
The look I'm going for is to make the force look like it's been fighting through the depths of a Space Hulk for weeks on end (i.e Very dirty), partly because i think it's a cool look, but also because I can't manage a decent looking clean bone colour scheme

I've also started work revamping my CSM warband, spurred on by rumours of the upcoming Legions book.

Here's my PIP on my lord, based of Huron Blackheart's body, but he's going to end up with A Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer (Power Fist) and Storm Shield (Mark of Tzeentch)

I'll post more of his Warband soon, as I dig them out of boxes. Many of the models are from my old chaos army which I stopped playing when the current CSM book came out and sucked away all the flavour of the faction.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to painting. I'll post more soon

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