Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A whole lot of Terminators...

Ok, so I caved. I deviated from my list.

I can never resist a bargain, so I just had to pick up these when I saw them going cheap online...

That's 46 Terminators of various types and 1 Dreadnought. These will be funneled into my various projects I've got going, mainly Deathwing and Scarab Occult, although some will go into my CSM's too

but first need to focus on that list...Focus, Khorneguy, focus!


  1. Wow, what a grab!

    (cough)Feel free to send some termies my way(cough)

  2. haha, sorry got big plans for this lot. I'm trying to build the entire Deathwing for an apocalypse game me and my flatmate are planning in a few months time.

    This lot cost me about £100. It was a great deal considering a lot of those have Forge World bits and there's some Space Hulk Termies mixed in there too

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  4. Aloha! Great to see another Deathwing playing entering the mix. Can wait for our game next week. Also thats a great buy for only £100. needs alot of attention though, so good luck.