Friday, 30 September 2011

Is anyone else sick of Dreadfleet?

It's nearly a week since Games Day and I, like I'm sure many others have, logged on to the GW website to get a look at the pics from Games Day and all the lovely hobby goodness and craziness that I might have missed on sunday featured in 'What's New Today', as they do every year.

But no, instead I'm confronted with some coverage of it in mondays post, then tuesday they were back to their constant coverage of Dreadfleet, with no mention of Games Day what so ever.

Thanks GW

Ok, Sarcasm doesn't translate well to blog posts


Don't get me wrong, it's a nice enough game and I get that they've got to get people interested in it, but only having a passing coverage of their premier event on their own website?

Really not good GW. At least chuck us a couple of photos of interesting thing or models from GD a day, at the end of the post after the Dreadfleet stuff.

But no, nothing.

Personally I think it's because of the organisational hell they had and they don't want people to see how ridiculously overcrowded it was.

Either that or the GD stuff will come flooding out on monday after Dreadfleet's out there. Or maybe not, they'll just start showing people playing Dreadfleet or people's painted ships, etc, trying to milk the should've-been-Man O' War cash cow for everything it's worth, having already milked our GD money out of us.

*I* probably have more coverage of GD on my blog than GW has - and i broke my camera 9am Sunday!


Ok rant over. Normal service will be resumed shortly

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  1. It must be said that I was sick of it before they started posting everything everywhere. If they are going to do funky limited edition games lets see Blood Bowl and Blood Royale get released.