Saturday, 25 June 2011

Deamon Challenge

I've decided to set myself a challenge, seeing as I'm bored and
I've got a few days to kill.

I will turn this...

and this...

And the contents of my half-finished figure case...

... into a fully finished 1750-2000pt 40K Deamon army by 5pm Monday. Seems a tall order i know, but i have twenty Plaguebearer-Zombies to finish basing, 10 Possessed-Guardsmen-Horrors to paint and my Soul Grinder (the 'ruined' Land Raider in the pics above) to finish up and I'm done, so i'm confident of my chances.

So, donning my paint brush, I'll check in on monday to let you know how it goes and post pictures. I've promised myself lots of shiny Storm of Magic stuff if i manage it


  1. Epic, I look forward to seeing the outcome of your challenge.

  2. Also look forward to seeing how this turns out.