Thursday, 31 March 2011

Airship Pilot and gubbins

This is 'Skraggy' Thror (There's Cookies and Nerd points to anyone who can tell me where the name comes from), an Engineer assigned to Von Nearostaffens control, who's been convinced to become the test pilot for the flying machine.

He's been converted from the Helstorm/Helblaster crewmen and the Outrider kit.

The base he's on is a temporary thing. Eventually he's going to be mounted on the prow of the machine, bawling instructions to his subordinates.

Talking of the airship, here's how it's coming along...

As you can see the deck is coming along nicely and I've added a squat dwarfen cannon to the front to represent the steam cannon (I'm going to use the Steam Tank rules for it)

I've also started work on the gas bag, using artists gum tape around a drinks bottle to form the shape of it, then using green stuff to start creating the ropes and rigging that's going to tether it to the hull of the ship

and here's the base i'm creating for it, mid-paint. It's going to bethe job from hell trying to get the ship to stay on the flying stand but it'll be worth it

There'll be more Empire progress shown very soon guys, I just need more pictures

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