Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Must Have Units

Ron's asked for our 'must have' units and having thought about it, i came up with the following for each of my armies, both fantasy and 40k:

Space Marines - Vanguard Veterans with jump packs

It used to be librarian with Fear of the Darkness and a drop pod, but since the new codex it has to be vanguard veterans. Combined with Shrike's fleet ability and a locator beacon, you can pretty much count on being able to get these guys to where you need them before your opponent can react and do some *serious* damage when you get there. I typically have 7 men, one guy with TH/SS, three with power weapons and one with power fist, with the rest catching bullets. Any more than that and it's typically too high in cost to be worth it.

Guard - Guardsman Marbo

Ninja with explosives. Enough said

Orks - Flash Gitz

Thye may be expensive in points, They may not be the most effective or units, but god damn it, they're fun. Pirates in space never fail to amuse. Stick thme in a battlewagon and have fun with more Dakka than you'll ever need. And plus there's some sweet conversions to be done too, with tricorn hats and peg legs being the order of the day.

And don't get me started on Badrukk. He carries a plasma gun that fires 4 TIMES. Sure, he'll probably miss, but that's what ammo runts are for. He's the only ork model i rushed out and bought on the day of release. He's amazing in so many ways i could go on for hours, but i'll move on...

Eldar - Harlequins

I only play fluffy armies, rather than the latest shiny codex or power codex and the Harly background is the only eldar stuff that has really grabbed my attention for long enough to get me collecting an army of them. So for that reason alone, they're my must have eldar unit.

Chaos - Khorne Beserkers

Frothing chainaxe-wielding nutcases ftw!

Witch Hunters - Inquisitor Lord

I just love the cruel irony of my army being led by the very thing they're meant to hate.

I can imagine the confusion of his over-zealous followers "b-b-ut, who do we burn?!"

Tyranids - Carnifex

Well, one carnifex in particular. My carnifex: Binky.

He's cute, cuddly and just loves being tickled behind the ear after a hard day muching space marines. Game-wise he's a 300pt monstrosity who's only been killed twice in the dozens of games i've used him in, both times to the same librarian.

A fine must have in my opinion, just for the sheer terror he provokes

Dark Elves - Cauldron of Blood

Anything that gives my Cold One Knights a 5+ ward save is a must have in my book

Vampire Counts - Zombies

180 zombies and still growing, haha! Honestly, who could say no to creating your own zombie apocalypse?


  1. Khorneguy must have units are units which are really must have for a game IMO, not because they're poor in game.

    Vanguard veterans are over priced and you pay extra for the jump packs! Plenty more better units in the space marine codex than them, take another look! ;)

    Flashgitz? Are you mad? They have nothing really going for them and cost a bit in points. Lootas rule ;)

  2. Ah, but that's from a competitive point of view.

    I play this game for the fluff, otherwise i might as well play chess. These units are my favourite for the mental images they conjure up when i use them. Sure, there are far more effective units out there, but these are my must haves in any list

  3. The idea was to include units you put in your list that you WANT. It doesn't matter how good or bad they do on the field, we all have that one unit we always try and shoehorn into our list regardless.

  4. My point exactly, Ron.

    I'll quite happily shell out 500 points on a full tooled up Flash Gitz mob with Badrukk, because they're so damn cool. You can't get better than Pirate Orks in my opinion, unless it also somehow involved monkeys. At the end of the day, they're the reason why i play Orks in the first place.

  5. Perhaps this is where some people are different. I don't see the point in taking poor units, despite their background and cool looking models. If it sucks, then why?

    I guess thats what makes us different, right.