Monday, 22 December 2008


I suppose i'd better introduce myself and my army's etc.
I'm a eighteen year old student from norfolk and have been playing 40k for five years. I've collected a good few armies over the years, ranging from Space marines and Chaos to Guard, Orks and 'Nids. At one point i had a sizable Witch Hunters force, but unfortunatly i've sold a lot of it recently to pay for my latest Ork warband.

At the moment i have both a Space Marine and Ork Pirates army on the go. I'll be doing specific posts focusing on each individually, but that's for a later date, when my camera's working properly. For now i'm gonna post up a few images from my orks.

Warboss Igork 'da Pirate Boss' (eyepatch and power klaw coming soon)

Tankbusta and Nob from the Bosses Retinue.

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